To the editor: What pro-life is really about

Real pro-life is being pro from conception to death.

Wed, 12 Aug 2020 04:00:00 GMT

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Signs urging people to vote pro-life are appearing now at election time, of course. The term pro-life has come to mean anti-abortion rights. The abortion issue is important, but being really pro-life is about much more than simply being anti-abortion rights

In the Aug. 5 Blade story “Anti-abortion activist protests Biden in front of Toledo cathedral,” the author points out that an electoral guide available on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ website instructs voters not to ignore other “threats to human life and dignity such as racism, the environmental crisis, poverty, and the death penalty.”

Real pro-life is being pro from conception to death.

Other very important pro-life issues are pre and postnatal care for all mothers and infants, health care equally available to all people and all ages, support of environment protection policies, healthful food and water for all, equal education and employment opportunities for all, and the end of brutality and violence.

Vote for candidates who support the fullest range of pro-life, not just the ones who support anti-abortion in order to get your vote.



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Dementia no joke

Alzheimer’s and dementia are very real problems and no joking matter. The Blade’s Aug. 8 editorial cartoon seems to ignore this fact and is both offensive and insensitive to those suffering from these terrible afflictions.

Propagating the myth that Joe Biden somehow fits into this category is a disservice both to him and to those truly suffering.




Vote in person

Voting in person in November has become critically important.

President Trump’s new Postmaster General has made significant cuts in the Postal Service, slowing down the delivery of mail. If you vote by absentee ballot, your mail-in ballot may not arrive at the Board of Elections in time to be counted.

Mail delivery in some areas has been slowed by as much as four extra days. The only sure way to have your vote counted is to go to the polls in November.

Go early, wear a mask, and be patient.

If you use a mail-in ballot and it is just one day late, it goes into the waste basket, and your personal choice in November will be ignored.




Generations of debt

Consider this the next time you hear any representative in Congress say, “We’ll have a relief spending deal if we can come down a trillion and they can come up a trillion.” What they are really saying, when they talk about spending a trillion dollars, is let’s saddle all Americans for generations with another $2,800 of government debt we can never repay.

And that amount is for one trillion in government spending. The final cost of the pandemic will likely be at least $20,000 in additional IOUs for each of us.


Sylvania Township