To the editor: Guys, ambitious women OK

You’re cool with them until they fly too close to the sun.

Mon, 10 Aug 2020 04:00:00 GMT

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Sunday’s editorial (“Careful, Joe,” Aug. 1) criticized potential vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris as being “not 80 percent or 90 percent ambition” but “all ambition.”

I’m sorry, is that bad?

The editorial also suggests that it takes gall to run for president a mere three years after being elected to the Senate.

Must I remind The Blade’s editorial staff that our current president had no experience in electoral politics before taking office? And that the previous White House occupant Barack Obama was elected president with less than one term in the Senate under his belt?

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It’s funny; every time a woman gets close to becoming very powerful, people use the same, tired excuses.

“It’s not that I don’t like powerful, ambitious women — I just don’t like her.”

Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren. AOC.

You’re cool with them until they fly too close to the sun.

How convenient.


West Toledo


Republican downfall

When my mother was born in 1905, women were not permitted to vote in America. However, she and my father set an example for me of the duty to vote as well as the right to vote. They voted in every election, local, state, and federal, as do I. My mother cast her last vote in 2000, surely for George W. Bush.

Twenty years later, she would be shocked by the fact that her beloved Republican Party is working hard to deny and suppress voting in our nation. Tactics include purging of voter rolls, strict voter ID laws, closing of voting locations, and denial of the vote to released felons.

President Trump even mused that, if more people voted, Republicans would lose elections. He is suing the state of Nevada to stop them from expanding early voting.

The unique essence of our fledgling nation in the 1770s was the idea that the people ought to be able to choose the type of leadership they thought was best. Democracy, not monarchy.

Voting is the life blood of such a system and that right ought not to be blocked or hindered, especially by an entire political party.

I have yet to hear my representative, Bob Latta, condemn voter restrictions, nor have I heard from Sen. Rob Portman on this issue. Perhaps both men secretly enjoy these voter restrictions because these keep them in office. Is this what our nation has become? Rather than of, by, and for the people, it is for the politicians.

Shame on them.


Sylvania Township


Keep focus local

Our city, like the rest of the country, has serious political divides but a vast majority of them are issues to be dealt with federally.

As our city council undergoes a transformation, let’s focus on making Toledo a happier and healthier city where it’s easy to do business, raise a family, and enjoy what the city has to offer.

While I feel strongly about advocating for issues like achieving universal health care and ending needless wars, Toledo City Council has no say in either of those matters.


Central Toledo