To the editor: Follow the dirty money

There is a culture of corruption in the Ohio Statehouse from decades of one-party rule by the GOP.

Sat, 08 Aug 2020 04:00:00 GMT

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Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder’s alleged criminal enterprise didn’t just line his own pockets and fix up his vacation home in Florida with thousands of dollars. His corrupted money helped boost the Ohio Republican Party and the Ohio House Campaign Committee to ensure the continued Republican monopoly of power in Ohio politics.

It seems that many Ohio Republicans benefited from Mr. Householder’s alleged criminal activity. One of them is District 47 State Rep. Derek Merrin, who gladly received $7,707.79 from Larry Householder’s PAC and $51,549 from the Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee.

The Ohio GOP should not be able to fund their candidates with dirty money. Yet, as usual, Republican elected officials like Rep. Derek Merrin plead ignorance as an excuse.

There is a culture of corruption in the Ohio Statehouse from decades of one-party rule by the GOP. This November we need to vote out Derek Merrin and support Nancy Larson for truly honest and honorable representation in Ohio’s 47th District.



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Family values

The heart of the problem in our country is the decline of the family. I recently came across a letter to the editor commenting on a Jan. 21, 2016, column by Keith Burris titled “Retired jurist a champion of the family.”

It was my privilege as a lawyer to practice before the late Judge Andy Devine (1921-2018).

Judge Devine said that based on his experience as a juvenile court judge, solid parenting is the way to save children from delinquency and to beat poverty, the culture of poverty and crime, and the decline of our cities.

“We have to bring back the father,” Judge Devine said. A mom and dad matter most. Their presence. Their affection. Their moral teaching. Their example. There are no perfect parents, but the values that a mom and dad pass on to their children are what made this country great.”

Judge Devine’s words are almost a warning of what can happen to a culture and society when the family support is weak or nonexistent. It is tough being a parent, especially during these days of social distancing and isolation.

But with God’s help and all of us encouraging one another together, we can help shape the heart and lives of our children and grandchildren for the good and reduce this epidemic of crime and violence sweeping our country.




Worth savoring

Mary Bilyeu’s July 29 column, “Beware: politics on a plate,” gave me much food for thought. That’s very appropriate for the food editor.

Was this food produced by a company that has pledged to not violate child labor laws or contribute to deforestation? I imagine there are other questions that go beyond the usual approach of “the bottom line.” Perhaps there are other bottom-line issues to be considered.

Her thoughts are good for my intellectual digestive system as I prepare for my next meal.


West Toledo