To the editor: One line makes Trump impeachable

mpeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Mon, 02 Dec 2019 17:14:47 GMT

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According to the White House, after talking to the Ukrainian President about cleaning up corruption by connecting them with the U.S. Attorney General and Rudy Giuliani, President Trump said, “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the [U.S.] Attorney General would be great.”

This we know to be fact. Everything else may or may not be true depending on who you listen to or believe. This one line is the only improper thing I saw in the transcript. Why is this the reason Trump should be impeached? Simply, he is asking a foreign county to investigate a political rival. No public officer should ever use their office to pursue personal gain. Does it happen? I believe it happens all too often, but when we get proof of it, we need to act on it. The excuse “but they all do it” is childish and we need to expect better from those we elect.

Is this impeachable? Impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” From what I’ve read/heard (I’m no lawyer) it doesn’t really matter what our laws are. The only thing that matters is that 60 of the 100 senators vote to impeach. It is at their discretion what qualifies as a high crime or misdemeanor.


South Toledo

Impeach next Dem

I think it's only fair that the Republicans begin impeachment hearings on the next Democrat President, whenever that might happen. They can just fill in the blank for the name at a later date.



Dems soon defunct

President Trump has threatened the D.C. Swamp and D.C. Democrats in three main ways since his 2016 election victory. By winning the presidential election, he slapped the DC'ers upside their heads with the fact that the people still have enough voting power to stem blatant corruption in D.C. politics. Second, that meant that Democrats must now defend their Barack Obama crooks from justice or lose the peoples' confidence in Democrats’ ability to manage D.C. politics. Third, Democrats, shamed for voting for known crooks, would have to watch their D.C. politicians trot off to jail after witnessing fair public trials. This. of course, would be the death knell for Democrat members of their defunct political party.

To make matters worse for Democrats since 2016, President Trump, while successfully thwarting numerous D.C. Swamp ‘Witch Hunts’ to get rid of him, has steadily raised American standards, as he promised. Desperate Democrats, with public confidence in them dwindling, despite their overworked mainstream media propaganda machine, can now begin to see their bleak futures — justified political oblivion. So now what?

Democrats never expected that their party would have to compete for political power with competent candidates for government offices, like conservatives offer to the public during elections. The crowd of D.C. Democrat incompetent political hopefuls, now in front of the public, are obviously unfit to govern America. Therefore, we see more and more sham fantasy attacks on President Trump. These phony attacks are the last chance for D.C. Democrats to out conservatives from the otherwise inevitable takeover of all three branches of federal government. Should this happen, elected Conservatives would then reinstate the rule of law, and watch the popular power of the vote in the upcoming 2020 election relegate the defunct Democrat Party to oblivion, like the Whig party before them. Good riddance to the D.C. Swamp, and to their most serious threat to the governance of our American way of life throughout the great history of our country.


Washington Township

Acoustic triumph

I had the pleasure of attending the Toledo Symphony Orchestra’s Mozart in the Afternoon concert on Oct. 12. Ms. Felecia Kenney, marketing director, introduced herself and welcomed me to the matinee performance. As a “boomerang” Toledoan who just last year moved back home, this was my first experience with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra since I left for San Francisco in 1982. She also informed me that this performance would mark the debut of the new acoustic shell installed on stage at the Valentine Theatre. She asked me to share in my thoughts on the new sound in the theater. I forwarded the following comments to her.

Frankly, I have never had a symphonic experience like that in my life. One of my academic disciplines is medical ultrasound physics so I understand some of the basics of acoustic science. The sound coming from the stage was truly amazing. Typically, a symphonic acoustic wave-front is rich and robust and is the sum of individual sounds emanating from each instrument. Physical phenomena (interference, attenuation, etc.) tend to muddy and truncate this product so what arrives at the human ear is a little less complete than what is actually generated by the orchestra.

During the TSO performance at the Valentine Theater, I was astonished that I could differentiate every note from every instrument at every bar. From faintest violin pizzicati to the most robust French horn fortes, each note could be heard with pristine clarity. If I wanted to follow the first violin, I could. If I wanted to follow the bassoon, I could. What amazed me most about the impact of the shell on audience auditory experience was the precision and fidelity of the orchestral sound. I have been in many great halls around the country and have heard many world class orchestras. None of those experiences could compare to the intimacy, the quality, and the beauty of the performance today. The Bizet was a great choice to showcase the acoustics capabilities of the shell.

Once again, Toledo has scored a world-class win. Congratulations to all who were involved in designing and installing this acoustic marvel.


South Toledo