To the editor: Senate hearings will be fair

The only way to judge this matter is for a trial to take place in the Senate.

Fri, 29 Nov 2019 05:00:00 GMT

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Without a doubt President Trump should be impeached. Why? The answer is very simple. The Republicans in the Senate could now have their witnesses testify. There was no balance in the House hearings. It was mostly one-sided. Republicans supplied a witness list but Adam Schiff would not allow them to be called.

The only way to judge this matter is for a trial to take place in the Senate. Then we can hear from witnesses the Republicans wanted to call and get a full balanced picture of what took place and why. This would provide the balance needed to make an informed decision.





Kaepernick set up

The collusion going on between the NFL and the 32 team owners against Colin Kaepernick was made even more apparent recently with the very odd workout fiasco orchestrated by the league.

This was all set up by the NFL to paint Mr. Kaepernick as some kind of villain. The league does not even normally set up workouts like this because the individual teams schedule these workouts for themselves.

There is nothing stopping any team from contacting Mr. Kaepernick and setting up workouts for him just like they routinely do for any other player.

The very fact that the NFL conducted this event gives the appearance of discrimination because they are treating Mr. Kaepernick differently than they do other players or prospects.


South Toledo


Jordan embarrasses

After watching the various performances by U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Urbana) during last week’s impeachment hearings, a quote from the FX television series Justified came to mind.

In order to save readers from some crudeness, I have changed the term the show used but the quote still hits the nail on the head: “If you run into a jerk in the morning, you ran into a jerk. If you run into jerks all day, you’re the jerk.”

As an Ohioan, I am simply embarrassed by his over-the-top histrionics, accusing anyone and everyone of constantly being out to get him.

Perhaps someone can remind Mr. Jordan that a vast majority of Americans are not, in fact, out to get him and are simply doing their best to get by.


Central Toledo


Levy too lengthy

Do all of you who voted for Washington Local’s school levy know what you’ve done?

That levy is for 37 years. Your children and grandchildren will have to pay for it. New schools will not make our kids smart and intelligent.

You put our kids and grandkids in debt. That’s a dumb thing. What were you thinking?

I’m 80 years old. and when I went to Chase and Sherman and Woodward schools we had no yellow buses and walked to school in snow up to our knees. We turned out smart.


West Toledo