Daily Log: 10/10

Births, marriages, and crime reports in the Toledo area.

The Blade
Thu, 10 Oct 2019 04:00:00 GMT

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Mercy Health St. Charles Hospital

Ammi and Shane Jamerson, Millbury, boy, Oct. 4.

Elicia Garres, Toledo, boy, Oct. 5.

Shelby Mayne, Toledo, girl, Oct. 7.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Brooke and Meagan Bennner, Holland, girl, Oct. 5.

Chelsea and Joshua Baker, Petersburg, Mich., girl, Oct. 8.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Kelsey and Austin McCarthy, Maumee, boy, Oct. 4.

Stephanie and Rick Jesko, Holland, girl, Oct. 6.

Arlana Martinez, Toledo, boy, Oct. 6.

Carlene Hardman, Oregon, boy, Oct. 6.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 8, 2019

Jonathan Osmialowski, 28, concrete worker, of Holland, and Taylor Montague, 24, nurse, of Maumee.

Jesse Oyerbides, 25, package handler, of Toledo, and Stephanie Turner, 26, pharmacy technician, of Monroe.

Mike Jaber, 42, and Nikia Phillips, 39, both of Toledo.

Tyler Gambrell, 22, sales, and Rachel Robinette, 22, delivery coordinator, both of Holland.

William Baumia, Jr., 45, machinest, and Emily Russeau, 41, respiratory therapist, both of Monroe.

Kyle Barney, 29, material handler, and Amber Dorn, 29, both of Holland.

Douglas Smith, 58, engineer, and Martha Preckler, 64, both of Waterville.

Thomas Vance, 36, food service, and Jamilynn Plotner, 28, food service, both of Swanton.

Peter Koras, 52, dishwasher, and Maureen Blair, 56, cashier, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Clark, 29, assembly technician, and Brittany Markward, 28, preschool teacher, both of Sylvania.

Stephen Mariasy, 26, graphic designer, and Amanda Martis, 26, teacher, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Jamie Frost, firearms from residence in 5300 block of North Detroit.

Andy’s Sports Bar & Grill, televisions from closed business in 4900 block of Dorr.

Leonard Brown, Jr., handgun, couch, and miscellaneous items from residence in 4200 block of Jackman.

Stephanie Edens, medicine, television, and wallet with contents from residence in 500 block of 309th.

Tammy Brown, furniture and appliances from residence in 2800 block of Chase.