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Sat, 23 May 2020 09:00:00 GMT

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31,408 coronavirus cases in Ohio; 2,087 in Lucas County

Updated numbers on Saturday reveal 31,408 coronavirus cases in Ohio; 2,087 of those cases were reported in Lucas County.

A total of 1,956 deaths have been confirmed in the state. View the interactive state map and charts here.

■ Ohio mayors hope next round of federal stimulus can plug budget holes

The same day that state jobless figures revealed nearly 17 percent unemployment in April, municipal leaders renewed their call for federal funding to plug the gaping hole in their budgets normally fed by local income taxes.

Sweeping congressional aid packages to help Americans weather the coronavirus pandemic, so far, haven’t included any aid for small cities, Ohio mayors reiterated Friday. READ MORE

■ City has five new employees, despite hiring freeze

Three people have started new jobs at the city and two more have start dates before the end of May, despite a hiring freeze that has been in place since April 2.

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz and City Council President Matt Cherry announced the hiring freeze last month as the city’s first step toward cutting costs as municipalities started to feel the economic strain of the coronavirus. A news release from the city described the hiring freeze as in effect “for all city operations.” READ MORE

■ Top U.N. official warns malicious emails on rise in pandemic

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. disarmament chief warned Friday that cyber crime is on the rise, with a 600 percent increase in malicious emails during the coronavirus pandemic.

Izumi Nakamitsu told an informal meeting of the U.N. Security Council that the coronavirus crisis is moving the world toward increased technological innovation and online collaboration. But she said “there have also been worrying reports of (cyber) attacks against health care organizations and medical research facilities worldwide.” READ MORE

■ Virus cases drop to zero in China but surge in Latin America

BERLIN — New coronavirus cases dropped to zero in China for the first time Saturday but overwhelmed hospitals across Latin America — both in countries lax about lockdowns and those lauded for firm, early confinement. The virus hit a reopened church in Germany and possibly a restaurant, too.

The pandemic’s persistence stymied authorities struggling to keep people safe and revive their economies at the same time, disrupting the Memorial Day weekend in the United States and collective celebrations around the Muslim world marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. READ MORE

■ Businesses adapting, surviving coronavirus pandemic

When Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all nonessential businesses to close by March 24 due to the coronavirus pandemic, pet groomer Telia Williams said she immediately felt a sense of loss and disconnection as the job she so loved doing was suddenly taken from her.

“To be perfectly honest, I sat home and avoided everything because I was more sad than anything else. I mean, you know, you’re either there or you not,” said Ms. Williams, owner of Pampered Paws pet groomers. READ MORE

■ Back to the wild: Wildlife park re-opens – with some changes

PORT CLINTON — It’s been a while since they've seen the slow but steady line of vehicles meandering through their enclosure, but the four-legged residents haven't forgotten what it means: They know to mosey up to the open windows, nose for kibble and veggies and mug for Instagram.

It means a new season at Port Clinton's African Safari Wildlife Park. And for caretakers at the park, it means things “just feel a little more normal,” director Kelsey Keller said. READ MORE

■ Michigan DC Brown has become ‘Zoom magician’ during pandemic

ANN ARBOR — Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown in recent weeks has added new skills to his resume: “Zoom magician” and “virtual expert.”

“You've got regular phone calls, then you got the merge phone call, the three-way phone call, then you got the FaceTime, then you have the Zooms,” Brown said on a Zoom call with reporters Thursday. “And then you have the FaceTime that you can utilize film in that usage. And all of these when I started six, seven weeks ago, I had no idea. But I am a virtual expert now.” READ MORE

■ Photo Gallery: Diners return to the tables

Indoor dinning resumed on Thursday as part of Ohio’s second phase of reopening after the coronavirus shutdown. People in and around Toledo returned to some of their favorite spots on Friday. VIEW HERE

■ Photo gallery: St. Ursula Academy's 2020 graduation

St. Ursula Academy held individual graduation ceremonies for 2020 seniors. The in-person graduation was designed so that students could receive their diplomas from prinicpal Nichole Flores, while their families watched and maintained social distancing. Graduates received their diplomas in 10 minute intervals. VIEW HERE

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